About Us

Julie Lake – Counsellor – Supervisor – Specialism in Trauma Therapy

I have been providing counselling since 2007 working both short term with clients referred from the NHS, private healthcare providers such as BUPA and Aviva and long term with private clients wishing to explore their issues at a deeper level. I believe that building a strong and trusting relationship with my clients is the most important aspect of counselling and the basis for being able to work successful together. I am integratively trained, which means that I use different therapy models to best suit the needs of my clients. I have a particular interest in trauma work and am fully trained in EMDR (eye movement, desensitization and reprocessing), which is used to treat trauma and the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves. I find that working in this way enables me to offer my clients the best possible chance of overcoming their issues and leading the best life they can. I also offer Supervision to counsellors.

Jane Gillett – Counsellor – Specialism in working with children and young adults

I became a counsellor due to my work with teenagers within a school environment, observing how a young person can make positive changes in their life by having someone they could talk to and feel heard. My work with adults is based around your needs and what is troubling you at this present time but also helping you to explore the past and how this may have impacted upon your present day. My work with children and young people is structured around a mixture of play, art and talking therapy. I am also trained in Mindfulness practices and find that these help my younger clients, especially with anxiety. Again my work is tailored to suit that child or young person. I have worked with a number of young people around anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders and stress, especially around examination time. I practice in a client led way, our counselling time together will be about what you bring to the sessions.

John Kenny – Transformational Relationship Coach & Couples Therapist

I have been working with clients since 2007 in private practice and the NHS, firstly as a counsellor and then as a coach and hypnotherapist. I have fused these three approaches together and created Interpersonal Relationship Coaching (IRC) in order to help my clients not only understand who they are and why they think, feel and do what they do, but then also to put things in place that can help them to move on. My aim is to help them to overcome their personal blocks to success and be the best version of themselves possible! I have written my first book on coaching and speak publicly about it around the UK.